"Washita Dawn", a western bronze by L.D. Edgar of the Western Heritage Studio in Cody Wyoming

By L.D. Edgar

In the cold gray dawn of November 27, 1868, the Seventh Calvary, commanded by George A. Custer, attacked a band of Southern Cheyenne Indians lead by Black Kettle, who had established his winter camp on the banks of the Washita River, located in the present state of Oklahoma.

The subsequent flight and battle claimed the lives of women, children and fighting men, including their Chief.  All of the camps winter supplies were burned and the horse herd destroyed.  The Calvary also incurred a number of casualties, both officers and men.

The decisive strategy of searching out and attacking what was considered hostile Indians camps, during the cold months of winter, was deemed necessary by the U.S. Army to force them on to government designated reservations.


"Washita Dawn", a western bronze by L.D. Edgar of the Western Heritage Studio in Cody Wyoming

The poignant scene depicted in this bronze was undoubtedly repeated many times during the Indian war of the American West.

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